Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    5+ Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

    Before you start tearing down the oil-stained walls, it is important to figure out what you want from your kitchen. This depends on three factors: your style of cooking (heavy or light), the use of the area (as a hub by the entire family), and of course, the actual amount of available space. Once you have these parameters in place, we encourage you to go all out with these trendy ideas.

    1. Furniture style kitchen design elements

    Now more than ever, the kitchen is being used as a social space and not just a utility area. Testament to this is features such as kitchen islands with furniture-style legs, cabinetry with detailed panelling, countertops in contrasting shades that add depth, etc.

    2. Patterns and textures
    As more homeowners look for new ways to add colour to kitchens with paints & textured wallpapers, monotone backsplashes are being swapped with patterned details like Turkish mosaics, naturescapes, and geometric abstracts. A mix of solid coloured tiles is being creatively configured to effect three-dimensional patterns. Backsplashes aside, feature walls see a wide use of wallpaper for kitchen in fun hues and tactile textures.

    3. Black, white and bold

    Some things never change. Black and white is still a classic choice, expressed via a range of sleek high-tech appliances – everything from kettles to refrigerators. This combined with the metals of the season, brass and copper, makes for a stunning impact.

    4. Walk-in pantries 

    Over the last year, open shelving systems rose in popularity. 2015 takes the storage concept to a whole new level with walk-in pantries. Think simplistic grids with concealed LED strips that offer plenty of room for supplies, as well as effect a lived-in appeal. Demarcate the area with a steel-framed glass partition.

    5.Modern-traditional style
    Homeowners are infusing more of their personality into kitchens. This has led to a melding of modern and traditional styles of various kitchen design ideas. For example, contemporary materials such as stainless steel and marble are being juxtaposed against old-school woods. Flat shutters are being traded for Shaker style panelling where the emphasis is on craftsmanship and functionality

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