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Come with us on an exciting journey that explores the artful Indian culture and seeks inspiration from different escapades. From the in vogue designers to the modern trends in house interiors; there is a lot that you need to keep a tab on. Enrich your aesthetic sense with us and make your living a creative one.  


Brown-eyed Vasamalli points to her nose and says, “Looking at our features, like the shape of our noses, people think we are part of an ancient Sumerian culture or that we are descendants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers. We are not aware of any such lineage. All we know are the Nilgiris and ourselves. Eshwara created us and we are very close to the five elements in nature.”    Vasamalli, who smashes myth and mystery with her words, is the first college
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Dippy about Dip Dye DIY

14 February, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

It’s as fun as it sounds. We’re pretty excited because we’re holding a masterclass on behalf of Beautiful Homes where we show you simple but awesome dip dye techniques - some of which we’ve used on our Moods of Monsoon collection - with...

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Ask a designer

25 January, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

These days Facebook will tell you what kind of French fry you are by the movies you watch. Or what kind of movie you are by the French fry you eat. But nothing tells you more about a person than the space they inhabit. It's all about personality...

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