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Lab Nilaya

Losing Yourself at Elma's

August 09, 2017 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Rajvi Mehta
On my first visit to Delhi, quite a few years ago, a local friend was showing me around the city, and our last day, we spent at Hauz Khas. He kept gushing about this quaint cafe called Elma's, where he "absolutely loves their red velvet cake!!!" and "you will never find more authentic croissants!".
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Space and Me

July 10, 2017 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Mansi Thakkar


While wallcoverings are about redefining a space which is what we, Lab Nilayans, concern ourselves with, we wondered how a Spatial Designer approached the concept of space. Here’s the lovely Mansi Thakkar, Spatial Designer at Wari Watai, Bangalore, in her own words:


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It’s Raining!

July 03, 2017 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Malini Aikat

Is there any weather as joyous as rain? The rains are finally here – the regal Monsoon – just saying it gets you in a tea by the window mood. Each city has its own Monsoon flavour. In Kolkata it’s mixed up with flooded street rivers, hovering black umbrellas and dhotis and trams and the unmistakable aroma of hot shingharas – those bite size, flaky pastry samosas.

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Broken Beauty

May 30, 2017 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Rajvi Mehta and Malini Aikat
The Japanese don’t like to throw anything away. Wastage is regretful. This idea is referred to as ‘mottainai’. Linked to this idea is the concept of ‘wabi sabi’ which is finding beauty in the imperfect. The Japanese will take cracked objects and fill the cracks with gold dust, silver or platinum and thus bring to life something entirely new. It is almost like closing and healing wounds or not letting the story of the lives that were connected to this object disappear. 
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