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All Aboard the Oriental Dream

February 27, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

Has there been an era more glamorous than the early 1900's? Seriously doubtful. It was the age of inherent, aristocratic elegance and the pinnacle of refinement. Everything oozed luxury. And nothing signalled unparalleled glamour and adventure more than the great trains of yore. So at this year's Design Week Nilaya launched its new line of wallcoverings, Chapter II: India Revival Project illuminating the fabulous workings of fashion maestro, Sabyasachi, and Royale Play unveiled its new series of haute finishes, displayed inside a replica of a magnificent train - the evocatively named Oriental Dream, authentically and delightfully detailed with vintage valises and a sumptuous bar with plush bar stools. The wallcoverings and finishes looked nothing short of regal in this setting intended to bring to life the concept of unparalleled luxury.
At yet another pavilion nearby, CN18, the most ambitious and artistically evolved so far, was in full swing inspiring the design community with this year's colour concepts through immersive and captivating installations. It is during occasions such as these, surrounded by India's designers: veterans and new kids on the block, that one feels thrilled and inspired, proud to be a part of such a great community. Shine on, Nilaya.

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