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Celebrating The Festival Of Lights In Sabyasachi Style

October 10, 2017, 0 comments, on Nilaya Loves | Our favourite designers, new stores & insider shopping tips


Any festive season in India is a pure amalgamation of vivid colours, bright lights and happy faces. The rustle of new banarasi sarees, the twinkling of beaming lights and lanterns by the window, the pleasant aesthetic charm of rustic rangolis by the porch, these are the things that make Diwali come alive as the festival of lights in all its glory. 
Redecorating for Diwali is an endearing ritual as classic as the Laxmi pujan, itself.  This year, why not deck the walls with some intricately designed, ethnic themes? Invite the goddess Laxmi into your home with indie tones and bold colours that speak tradition and luxurious prints of handcrafted artistry that invoke culture. 
This festive season, let the wall coverings of Sabyasachi transition your home décor style from just wall coverings to wall art with our chosen favorites for the festive season.
A Brocade Of Festivity
From the city that’s older than history, older than tradition, itself comes a marvel of vermillion bliss. Offering homage to our national heritage textile, the Banarasi Brocade, this wallpaper is craftsmanship at its best. The light floral motifs stand out against the scarlet backdrop in a perfectly-patterned symmetry are an exquisite blend of ethnicity and grace on paper.
The Lights Of Ranthambore
Bloom up your walls in indigo extravagance and lavish floral prints of decadent flamboyance. Inspired by the overwhelming grandiose of the maharajas of the medieval era, the Ranthambore Wallcovering is the perfect way to invoke a sense of splendid luxury in your living room. 
A Rangmahal Of Celebrations
This Diwali, light up your home in velvety drapes of opulence and baroque splendor. A Burma red masterpiece of a wallpaper, the ancestral artistry on the Rangmahal Wallpaper will lure you into the colourful music rooms and majestic marble statues of the Bengali zamindars of North Calcutta. Add a touch of radiant glory to your walls with its crimson and golden hues.
Are you ready to brighten up your home décor in Sabyasachi elegance? Get your favourite wall coverings from Nilaya.


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