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Chaos Order. Order Chaos. The Art of Kristen Meyers.

August 21, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

Shapeless objects are contained in perfectly shaped frames. It is fascinating to look at. Petals, flat pebbles, leaves, fruit, even broken crackers are meticulously and impeccably assembled so that they fill in the negative spaces that form squares or circles or triangles or whatever the artist wants.
Meet Kristen Meyers. An installation artist, graduate of the famed Parsons School of Design, an indefatigable shaper of chaos into order. Which is partly what her work is about. Partly.
Deeply interested in African ritual practices, the old spiritual systems and the interconnectedness of things, Meyer’s seemingly random assemblies are meant to illustrate, quite literally, how a petal or a stone or a person are really, essentially from the same place. A fact we forget but is good and healing to be reminded of. Thus she explores the poetry of nature and also at another level that cultural boundaries are not as rigid as we may think. One culture is a continuation of another or a song at another pitch.

She repurposes and recreates so one thing leads to a next and another next. Things flow one into another. There is a transformation of energy.


While these installations are riveting to look at, their effect is strangely soothing which is also another point the artist makes – it’s not so strange. Interconnectedness remember? Order out of chaos is an idea that is a balm to the spirit. And the order is at the bottom of apparently chaotic existence.

By Malini Aikat

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