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Clash of the Patterns

May 29, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

White walls. Minimalist touches. Fed on decades of strict minimalist fodder, that's the new tradition, the new language of refined decor most of us speak today. Clean lines, spare look, muted tones, natural materials, wood, maybe a touch of chrome, a handmade, esoteric artifact or two. 
Patterns on the walls via elaborate wallcoverings, are noise from this point of view. Design's renegade, runaway aesthetic. A disturbingly individual ethos as anything individual tends to be. But patterns can be sublime music. If played right. It is about controlled experimentation, imagination and, of course, that delightful deviation - a touch of whimsy.
It takes a strong mind's eye, a deft and confident touch, to visualize how an intricate, Moroccan tiled cabinet in turquoise does not clash but is enhanced by the hippy chic of a Mariska Meijer's hot pink and purple hued wallcovering of potted, climbing plants with enormous bottle green leaves. Or how a Geonature Egyptian- Art Deco themed visual dances a perfect tango with equally opinionated furnishings. Design wit is as charming as any of Oscar Wilde's aphorisms. An allover pattern of small diamonds - graphic, white lines on a chocolate brown backdrop accented with decor items like diamond patterned cut glass vintage bottles is stare worthy and actually warms the heart the way modern art at the MOMA does. Explore, therefore, the galaxy of patterns wallcoverings offer. Sit with a sketchbook and work out the canvas. Change your mind. Develop an idea or go with the flow. One designer has said, "I find colour families restrictive. So I go with the idea that if I like it, there's already a symmetry in place - my aesthetic is the common thread. It won't clash. Like nature. Nothing clashes in nature."
By Malini Aikat 

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