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Creative DIY Storage Shelf Home Décor Ideas

September 09, 2016, 0 comments, on Reimagine your Interior spaces | Nilaya by Asian Paints

Summer is upon us and while most of you may be reaching into the freezer for your next cooling ice-candy, we have a slightly different idea in mind for those popsicle sticks. Easily available at bake and cook stores, these lightweight pieces of wood are a fuss-free base material for a DIY shelf. While our version sports a stained-wood finish, you can paint yours in a colour(s) of your choice. If you want to give the whole family a treat, recycle

ice-candy sticks – you’ll get that natural ombré effect, so long as you’re willing to put aside your OCDs and gently rinse each stick once used. Speaking of family, this is a fun, simple summer crafts project for older kids.


Kit up


· Popsicle sticks (100 approx)


· Nilaya adhesive


· Asian Paints Wood Stain 


· Paint brush/sponge


· Picture hook


· Hexagon template (Printable download/Create one on MS Word/Photoshop) 




1. Place three popsicle sticks on alternating sides of the hexagon template. Add a drop of Nilaya adhesive at either end of all sticks. 


2. Carefully place three more popsicle sticks over the earlier three to complete the first layer of the hexagon.


3. Similarly continue layering on hexagons until the shelf gains the depth you’d like it to. This of course, depends on the object(s) you plan to display.


4. Leave to dry for a couple of hours. 


5. Once ready, use the paintbrush stain the hex shelf in the shade you desire. Tip: If you prefer a lighter shade of wood, keep NC Thinner or Thinner 24 at hand. For darker shades, apply multiple coats at 30-minute intervals.

Also, remember to stain between layers of popsicle sticks to get a uniform finish.  


When dry, glue the picture hanger onto the back and prepare to flaunt your new hexa pop shelf! You could also try combining two of more hexagons to create a Fifties-inspire honeycomb shelving unit



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