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Cross the line with Stripes

June 14, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Malini Aikat


First off, the thing to wrap your head around is just how many kinds of stripes there are and how just a simple variation in width and colour can have a profound impact on an environment.

Awning stripes, ticking stripes, candy stripes, oxford stripes, Essex stripes, Breton stripes - think Coco Chanel and Hollywood lovelies and “it” girls like Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick lounging about all carelessly casual, sporting navy blue horizontal stripes on a white knitted jerseys.

And that’s still just a handful of the stripes out there. There are tons more. And each one creates a definite atmosphere.

Broad blue and white bands – and you’re immediately transported to the sea shore and a breezy day. Delicate, thin ticking stripes in barely there tones like taupe on white like the kind you find on pillow cases bring in a sense of order and calm. Bold, thick bands of black, on the other hand, boom like an organ, energising a room and giving it tons of personality. Stripes in different, contrasting colours – black, red, mustard yellow, blue, brown, green – while sounding alarming, can, in fact - used cleverly- add immense cheerful sophistication to a room.

Stripes can bring a room together, be a focal point, add vibrancy and personality to an otherwise conventional setting. The thing with decorating with stripes – mainly – is to not be afraid. If you like them, take them for a short test drive by decorating just a small space, just to get a feel of things.

Stripes have been around for the longest time. Look around and there they are on awnings, on suits, on curtains, on tee shirts & mugs. See how they work. Apply the lessons to your setting. The blue and white combination has always been popular for its nautical associations. But be bolder and explore the different options. Thin, monochromatic stripes are neutral in their effect; it’s the bold, colourful, jaunty ones that bring in oodles of personality and you’d think they’re easy to tire of. Wrong. They’re décor longevity is amazing.

So step away from the comfort zone of monochromes and dare to cross the line into the infinite possibilities of stripes. See how beautifully they anchor a décor idea, impart a sense of classic chic and add a revitalising boost to an otherwise ordinary scheme.

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