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DIY Homemade Air Fresheners

June 27, 2016, 0 comments, on Reimagine your Interior spaces | Nilaya by Asian Paints

Create your own special diy air fresheners with inspiration from our simple recipes. 


Every home should have a signature fragrance. One that defines your personality. For example a spirited citrus mix that complements your spunk. Or the calming notes of eucalyptus and lavender for when you meditate. We’re sharing three of our favourite home fragrance recipes with you – Citrus Spice for just about any time of the day, Lime Cooler for a lazy summer afternoon and Winter Wonder for when you’re feeling festive. Not only are they easy to put together, they also make for personalised gifts. All you need to do is wrap a ribbon around the jar and stick a card on it!


Kit up

  • 3 mason jars
  • Candle warmer or portable burner (food warmer)
  • For Citrus spice: 2 oranges, 2 cinnamon sticks, 3 cloves and 2 anise
  • For Lime cooler: 4 limes, a spray of thyme, and peppermint and vanilla extracts
  • For Winter wonder: 5-8 pine twigs, 3 large bay leaves and nutmeg


Method to make natural room scents.

  1. Combine the ingredients for each of the three fragrances (Citrus Spice, Lime Cooler and Winter Wonder) in separate mason jars. Fill them with water until fruits and spices are completely immersed. Refrigerate or freeze for convenience. 
  2. When required, place the mason jar over a candle warmer/food burner and allow it to simmer through the day or as required. The candle warmer is ideal for smaller spaces. Since the temperature is relatively low (48◦C) the fragrance is subtle. For a stronger fragrance or while freshening a larger space, you will need more heat and steam. In such cases a portable burner or a gas stove is ideal. Remember to watch over the concoction and add water whenever necessary. Else you’ll end up with burnt scent!





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