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Turn wallpaper scraps into unique canvases that liven up any home with these easy wall decoration ideas.


The end of any home improvement project brings with it relief, yes – along with a bunch of leftover materials. More often than not, these bits and bobs are end up cluttering loft spaces in the hope of later use. We’re here to help you save some storage space and get your creative juices flowing with these easy-to-create diy wall art panels crafted from wallpaper scraps. You could also try this with surplus upholstery material, gift wrap, scrapbook paper etc.


Kit up

  • 1-inch thick thermocol sheets – 24 x 36 inches (or as per number of panels required)
  • 1 roll contemporary wallpaper/leftover wallpaper
  • 1-inch thick grosgrain ribbon (stiff nylon or silk) – 1.5 metres (or as per custom panel size)
  • Nilaya adhesive
  • Quick-stick glue (Fevicol)
  • A 12-inch ruler
  • A pair of scissors
  • A utility knife (cutter)
  • A sponge
  • A roll of double-sided tape





Step 1

Heat the cutter (blade) over a candle flame and cut the themocol sheets into 10” x 10” panels. The number and dimensions of the panels depends on the wall area. Remember not to overcrowd the space. 


Step 2 

Now using simple wallpaper scrap ideas, cut three 10” x 10” panels from leftover wallpaper rolls. Crop according to desired design placement.


Step 3 

Apply one coat of Nilaya Adhesive onto the themocol panel and stick the wallpaper onto it. Smooth out any air bubbles with using the sponge. Repeat the process with the remaining panels and leave to dry.


Step 4

Starting at one lower corner, use the quick-stick glue to fasten the ribbon around the edges of each thermocol sheet. Trim excess with a bit of overlap for a neat seamless finish. 


Step 5

Once completely dry, mount the art panels onto the wall using double-sided tape. And just like that, you have a brand new art wall that can be transformed with changing tastes and trends.

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