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Do Try This At Home

April 28, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Malini Aikat
Isha, one of our textile designers talks about the dip dye workshop she hosted along with Rajvi, our other textile designer at CN17.
Fold. Twist. Compress. Stitch. Bind. Then dye. And the patterns that emerge depend on the fabric used or the way the cloth has been twisted. This is what the Japanese call Shibori. A beautiful dip dying technique. The permutations and combinations are infinite, the results spellbinding: from simple forms to intricate rhythms. There are different kinds of shibori. The Japanese traditionally use natural pigments in this art from – usually indigo.
Our Moods of Monsoon collection was inspired by this subtle technique. And Srikanth, marketing manager of Nilaya wallcoverings asked if we would like to design a workshop for the Beautiful Homes stall during ColourNext17. Yes, we would! We decided on sharing simple dip dying methods that people could follow easily. It would also be a great way to show people some of our creative processes that result in wallcoverings. Also, it’s a fun craft and the audience would be able to see how we create from start to finish. What we eventually taught them was a hybrid application of the shibori technique, using handmade paper and natural inks. 
The important thing is you need to use paper that easily absorbs liquids. So, no coated paper. We provided everyone with two basic shades of inks - black and red. To get everyone totally involved we got them to get their hands dirty and explore the technique. 
It was great to see how the audience immediately took to the technique, and started exploring it in their own ways. They were completely engrossed and started interpreting it in their own ways to create designs which were totally unique. 
Check out this interview at the workshop!

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