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The Frame For Life

July 18, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

"Honestly, nobody wants authenticity".
"Design is a tool to enhance our humanity. It is a frame for life".
These are some of the wonderful quotable quotes from the amazing new Netflix series, Abstract: The Art of Design which dissects the creative imperative of a pantheon of colourful people, from graphic artists to shoe designers, who think about the connection between us, spaces and objects, how one shapes the other, enhances it and has the potential to make our lives the magical experience we'd like it to be. 
Episode 8 is especially riveting for interior fiends. Ilse Crawford is the iconic interior designer, ex editor of Elle Decor and shaper of lives. Long fascinated by how people alter their behaviour in different surroundings, Ilse made spaces her passion.
For decades Elle magazine presented home makers interior alternatives, design dreams and amazing possibilities. Textures, colours, art forms, sensuality, comfort and joy blended to become living spaces that were interior works of art, you couldn't tear your eyes away from them. For Ilse, we learn, empathy is the cornerstone of design. How wonderful. Newly made chairs are labelled thus: easy to get in/out of, small footprint (nice!), will age gracefully.
One last thing: Nike designer Tinker Hatfield cites the Centre Pompidou museum, with its colour-coded utilities as the inspiration behind the exposed technology of the Air Max sneaker.
Put aside work, get on to Netflix and prepare to be enthralled.

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