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Happy New Year, Happy New Home

January 24, 2019, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

Happy new year everyone.  A curious phenomenon about the last night of December is


How the Christmas decorations that are still festooned everywhere start looking so last year. If anything signals a time to reboot and refresh it's all that week old red, gold and green tinsel. Jan 1st is not just another day. No other time of the year brims with so much hope, an eagerness to turn a new page and curiosity about what lies ahead. 

Which brings us to flowers. Apparently, 2019 will be positively blooming with them. How nice. We're talking old-timey floral patterns like the ones you see in period movies. Flowers in all forms, abstracted or straightforward chintz.

Dramatic, jewel shades are also peeping out from shade cards and boldly going onto bedroom and living room walls. A layered look is achieved with expressive and dramatic wallcoverings and plenty of rugs, cushions, rich fabrics, throws, and gorgeous accessories. I want to move in right away. 

And why should kitchens be left behind? This year the only thing Scandinavian should be your diet. Otherwise, there is a bevy of impactful, witty and graphic wallcoverings to turn your kitchen into everybody's favourite restaurant inside your home.

2019 will also be the year of the handmade. Getting in touch with the earth and feeling rooted is a new religion. Check out soul-stirring textural wallcoverings made of twine, grass, matting, hemp or patterns evoking natural materials like stone, marble or clay.

Boho never leaves the building, does it? Get your fill of tribal art inspired wallcoverings or happy colours and patterns with that infectious flea market appeal. There's a lot of playing around with that old 60's feeling and a cleaner modern aesthetic so if you have a foot in both worlds, the two of you will be very pleased.  



We still like metal and glinty materials so bring on the bling and let our urban fling turn into a full-on affair. It's about balance. So create definition with brass or twinkling, bewitching gold accents and combine with older surfaces like iron and bronze.



Playful is thankfully in so if you like leopard or alligator prints there's no one to shake their heads. Express yourself, feel the pattern and make a space all your own. 

May 2019 be a fabulous year. May every wish come true. If you haven't created a space that says you, put your decor hat on and imagine away.


By Malini Aikat

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