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Home Is What You Want It To Be

June 27, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

This is a theme that recurs very often in these blogs. The idea of freedom, that design is an essentially empowering concept. Designers reimagine, reinvent and transform. And they employ anything and everything that inspires them, triggers a thought, allows for a white canvas to be painted on with personal colours.  Every great designer has essentially expressed a view point. Every housewife does the same – with a choice that is made – with colours, fabrics, furniture, the this and that that makes up what we call home. If tradition is a way to pass down our story woven into design teeming with symbols then individual ideas a way of adding to this great tale of us.
I often get lost in the vastness of patterns that is Nilaya and what it conveys to me is one powerful message: possibility. How you dress your space is up to you. Conventions guide but in actual fact the possibilities are endless. It is easy to adhere to common principles: one should always coordinate a colour scheme, one shouldn’t mix textures or art forms. And yet the greatest canvas of all belies this notion: Nature is a potpourri of textures, overlapping colours, styles and ideas and she looks great.
Take a look at the latest Spike Jonze short film: Welcome Home. The Oscar winner, to whom dance is religion, created this entertaining, warm ad for Apple’s Siri which won D&AD Yellow Pencil for cinematography & film advertising crafts, and which to me, really says – home is what you want it to be, an expression of you. Enjoy and dance along.
HomePod - Welcome Home
Directed by Spike Jonze. Starring FKA twigs.
Song: ’Til It’s Over’ by Anderson .Paak 
Production Company: MJZ
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
By Malini Aikat

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