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I Heart the 60’s

December 15, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

It’s a decade we never fell out of love with. Even those of us born decades later feel it’s charming and moving idealism, simply but catchily put: make love, not war. Against the backdrop of the brutal Vietnam War, it seemed a flippant slogan, but it said it all and unforgettably. Even if we weren’t born in the 60’s we wished we were. We relive those irreverent, heady years through the lingering echoes of some of the best rock tunes ever composed and the trippy, hippy, art that conjure up the intellectual idealism and emotions that defined the decade of the freedom of the human spirit.
Every now and then designers will reinterpret and revive the 60’s soul. In the world of wallcoverings many designers pay homage to its surreal spirit - Candice Olson is one them. The playful Gina collection is another. 60’s art is designed to draw you into an alternate reality. The idea of peace and higher consciousness govern its form so happy, gentle, pastel shades dance a duet with stronger palettes, concentric shapes, optical experiments, references to nature and ‘party’ motifs abound. There’s a strong musicality in the design.  
60’s art and design, light, playful and misleadingly childish as it sometimes appears, is an evolution and arises from important ideas. Find out more and let the love affair continue with this brilliant article: Tripping Out: The history of psychedelic design 

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