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It’s Raining!

July 03, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Malini Aikat

Is there any weather as joyous as rain? The rains are finally here – the regal Monsoon – just saying it gets you in a tea by the window mood. Each city has its own Monsoon flavour. In Kolkata it’s mixed up with flooded street rivers, hovering black umbrellas and dhotis and trams and the unmistakable aroma of hot shingharas – those bite size, flaky pastry samosas. In Bombay, it’s still big city and roaring traffic with the addition of giant waves created by speeding tires so big you can surf on them. I’ve no idea what Delhi is like never having lived there but here in Bangalore it means grey, London-y days, buzzing coffee shops and the occasional world-stopping storm and dangerously crashing trees. 


If you’re indoors during one of those, you want to stay curled up under the quilt, reading or watching telly. If you’re at work you won’t hear yourself speak and the urge to go out and stare at the heavens opening is overwhelming. I love how the light changes and so does the mood. Colours take on a more enamel like saturation. 
Of all our in house designs, the Moods of Monsoon collection is still a personal favourite. I think it brilliantly captures the power, the moody, broody, heart-tightening, changeable nature of the Monsoons – from the fine April Showers to the deep and dense Soak. And I love how these patterns suggest décor that is striking and original. We went a short way down memory lane and revisited some Moods of Monsoon moments. Enjoy.

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