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It's a wall zone

December 06, 2016, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Malini Aikat


Creating a brand new product is always exciting. Especially in a category that’s already buzzing. You get to think up something totally fresh and new with a look, feel and voice that’s original and stand out. Roll of drums – from Lab Nilaya comes Wall-Ons. Decals created entirely by us for – not for an impersonal demographic but for actual, real live people – with kitchens and bedrooms and living rooms that they’d like to dress up with a bit of panache and personality and create a zone that has personal meaning.


We had to put ourselves in a completely different zone and inhabit the home of the other, imagine what it’s like, capture a sensibility.

A little bit of us is in these decals. We’ve looked at things through fresh eyes, illustrated by hand and what’s emerged is distinct and different. It’s been so great to paint, sketch, draw, play with texture, do something illustrative. We’re used to long gestation periods vis a vis our wallcoverings so it’s been a thrill to experience our decals up and on the wall in almost no time. Anamika illustrated some bright and beautiful food using watercolours, Mansi’s imagination flew to a different plane with her fantastical space ships, Naomi delighted us with her cute alien monsters while Isha created constellations and Vini created peppy illustrations of scooters and motorbikes and then shifted gear by creating  an interesting series of  plant life.



We can’t wait for Wall-Ons to be out there!

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