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It's A Wrap

October 27, 2016, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Malini Aikat
Avatar it ain’t but our new Nilaya wallcovering AV was something to be justifiably proud of. The great thing about life in a design studio is the opportunities to learn something new. Character building as that may sound it’s really a very cool space to be in. Some things you learn afresh, some old helpful hints get reinforced.
The thing is an idea will always remain an idea without meticulous execution to give it concrete form. Meticulous is the word to underline. Italicise and make bold.
Then there’s imagination. One of my favourite expressions is: “paper is patient”. All that blank space for you to fill in with newness. Take your mind on a walk in a new city of your own making. Even with smallish, modest tasks which come with a bunch of do’s and don’ts, this becomes a starting point – knowing that paper – a blank slate – is patient and you can fill it up. And there are no limits.Things begin to look up from that point.

Then there’s team work. Collaboration. Another wonderful space to be in. You need to agree to look through someone else’s eyes. It widens your own scope. And it’s a balancing act because you also need to frown and disagree if that’s how you feel. You owe it to the project.
With Ram, our indefatigable creative director, we tried to be as meticulous as possible, we tried to imagine what we could do with the material before us and we collaborated.
The result was – first a concept. Ram saw more than an album of images. He saw images morphing, melting, growing into others to create an arresting, interesting, visual spectacle. We went from there. Conceptualizing a starting point, creating a narrative and then sifting through a bank of usable images to move the narrative along.  Other images, of the actual creation of Nilaya's own wallcoverings label - Signatures - were shot in house. 
It all ended with as detailed a story board as possible.
This we handed over to the animator. Who handed us back this ……………….. Watch :)

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