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A Little Bit of Wallcovering

November 24, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

It always boils down to imagination. How you use a wallcovering is entirely up to you. The freedom not to cover up your walls entirely opens up so many décor possibilities. I love the idea of sections, statement walls, a startling strip here, a sprightly one there lifting up the overall vision with one colourful or textural stroke.
For example, a bedroom or wardrobe door decorated with a dazzling pattern is such a visual treat. A personal favourite is a 60’s style psychedelic paisley pattern full of lively paisley drops in lollypop shades and folksy, hippy ornamentation. It stands out in otherwise white room and with jewel toned cushions here and there makes it a fun bedroom to live in. And, of course, wallcoverings are no longer something out of Jane Austen, all floral English gardens though those never quite go out of fashion. Nowadays, you can create any design vision with a slew of unexpected materials: hemp, crocodile leather, blingy zebra stripes (from the Nena collection), linen finishes that usher in a touch of Tuscan sweetness.
And all these can be used in bits and pieces to complement a greater vision.  A strip of Mariska Meijer’s bold, flee market style patterns in hot pinks and saturated greens works wonders as a jazzy counterpoint in an otherwise rustic setting done up with fresh flowers and chipped but charming enamel containers.
I love how a strong, big personality pattern is used by designers in living rooms almost as the star of the show while the rest of the room is painted in a muted monochrome. The décor daring is breathtaking.  It’s stunning to witness such adventurous decisions in action – and see how they work! We’re so hardwired to being muted and safe – more secure in creams and beiges and taupes and understatement so it’s refreshing to see how big and bold can work beautifully too.
So we’re not afraid of atmosphere altering metallics that can be used as effective accents or wood veneer sculpted to reflect the light. Then there’s glass beads that can have the same dazzling effect Swarovski does. The Stiched Puzzle – lines of stitching in wavy or loopy patterns that create an abstract beauty has the ability to transform a space entirely from the tried and tested to a visual adventure.
So come out and play. Explore the patterns created by wallcovering artists and change your idea of décor forever.

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