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Lost in the Woods

August 28, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

We’d live in the forest if we could – some of us – those of us fatigued by city stress, we’d live amongst trees under canopies of different shades of green with the light filtering through - what the Japanese so poetically call komorebi. We have to thank them for framing an ethereal phenomenon within a word. And it is just this innate love for nature that explains our affinity for different kinds of woods. The names themselves are therapy enough: teak, mahogany, ebony, walnut, birch, pine, ash, cedar - to name a very few.
Research shows (do we need research to prove the healing effects of trees? Just look at one or stand under one) that wood-based design lowers blood pressure, stress and anxiety, balances heart rates and contributes to healthy social interactions.
Living online as we do, or trapped inside cars in the middle of interminable commutes as we often find ourselves, pose great challenges to our mental health as our connection with nature is less and less. The immediate uplift we experience in an interior filled with the warmth and natural charm of wood is our natural response to the soul-lifting benefits of nature.
Wood is expensive as natural materials like kiln-baked bricks, stone or marble increasingly are. Which is why wallcoverings that mimic the real thing so exactly and astonishingly are becoming all the rage. There is a forest of choices out there: wallcoverings that mimic shiplap (long panels of wood used in construction where each overlaps the one below), butcher block (the solid, huge, rustic blocks you see at the butcher’s), tree stump (the stump of a tree!) and a multitude of grains from oak to mahogany to rose to teak and everything in between.
Each one can make your home feel warm and inviting, stylish and graceful, enduringly beautiful and intimate.
You can use wood themed wallcoverings along the staircase, as feature walls, as borders or even all over depending on your design idea. You will be amazed how authentic they look and how the senses react to these patterns the way they wood to the real thing.
Explore the wallcovering world of wood and bring the beauty of nature home.
10 Types of Wood For Your Interiors by Momina Khan is a great introduction to various woods and their interior impact - https://www.decoist.com/2012-11-24/types-of-wood-interior-design/.
Remember, for every wood grain there is a wallcovering!
By Malini Aikat


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