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Three easy-to-execute set-ups for chic stairways.


All too often a staircase is simply seen as a functional part of a house. It’s usually the last space we consider while planning the interiors of our home. All of that is about to change with these fun and quick decor fixes that will have the stairwell looking just about as gorgeous as the living area.

Towards the light
If yours is a minimalist aesthetic – that is, cantilevered steps and seamless glass rails – it’s best to stay basic with the decor as well. Invest in an elegant clean-lined chandelier that drops through the stairwell, subtly drawing the eye upward. This is ideal for homes with high ceilings. Alternatively, pick three pendant lamps in the same design and colour and suspend them at varying heights. For a splash of colour, you could include one in a different hue.
Cover up
Bold patterns or textures in unexpected places are always a welcome surprise. A quick and convenient way to achieve this is with wall coverings. For a bigger impact pick a colour that contrasts the rest of your interiors. Again, space matters – larger patterns can be overwhelming in small areas. Alternatively, create the illusion of space by adding a mirror in a style that complements the wallpaper design. Take a look at new wallpaper designs for your walls by Nilaya that will add-on to your home décor  For example Victorian designs go well with classic floral backdrops. 
The kitsch pitch
Here’s one for the free-spirits. Compose an eclectic mood wall with elements like quirky number plates, vintage postcards and movie posters, colonial labels and stickers, used concert/movie tickets, etc. For a personal touch, add some pictures of family and friends – black and white shots will balance out the riot of colour. For days when you’re feeling festive, string some ferry lights along the banister.


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