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Opposite The Qutb Minar

October 28, 2016, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Malini Aikat
How’s that for directions? We were off to the launch of our Silk Route collection after a long and grueling birthing. It was finally going to be out there – a décor fait accompli.
So here we were in Delhi (opposite the Qutb Minar) at The Kila, all very chi chi and quietly glamourous – a perfect setting for the collection.
It’s not often, in fact it’s very rare, when a brand event has all the qualities of an elegant soiree among old friends. The Good Earth-Nilaya launch for the Silk route collection was just that. A relaxed, very personal, graceful atmosphere pervaded in the midst of a rather enchanted setting – period furniture, carpets, gorgeous flowers in tall vases, hundreds of lamps floating above and the sound of engaged conversation. And all around us panels of the Silk Route collection showcased the ethereal wallcoverings. In the background, the soft, dreamlike Silk Route film played on – entirely unobtrusive but very much there – it’s piano score nice and plinky.
It’s always a bit of a shock to see work that has up until now been on a screen and then as trial print outs become a bona fide part of civilian life. Here they all were – the wallcoverings. And they were being discussed. The pattern books that had been casually laid out were being leafed through.
Guests were met with delectable hors d’oevres ( I think I might have eaten all the kebabs) by very attentive waiters. The bar was ever crowded. There was a photo booth with a peony background – a soft, sheeny blue with silver peonies.  This was pretty full throughout.
It was a perfect party. Memorable and magical. An evening of old friends and beautiful wallcoverings.
Take a look at the enchanting Silk Route collection here: goo.gl/4pWsbm

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