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April 17, 2017, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

By Anamika R. B
Lalbagh Botanical Nursery. One place I love visiting in Bangalore more than the cafes, malls and parks! A place full of colours, patterns and freshness and I love all three! Recently, one of my best friends moved to Bangalore and wanted to buy plants. Of course, I suggested visiting Lalbagh Botanical Nursery and I volunteered to take him there for some plant shopping. You literally get a shopping cart and a personal assistant to guide you around the nursery. They have a wide variety of plants and trees varying from indoor plants, cacti, flowering plants and fruit trees. My friend wanted to get few indoor plants. I have always been a big fan of succulents and cacti so, as usual, I went to check them out and, as always, I couldn't resist buying a cactus. This time it was a fancy one with a fancy price tag as well. But the colour really struck me, so I bought it and the hole in my pocket is as big as the cactus. I really hope this one stays alive!
Anamika's love for succulents showed in her choice of subject for some of the decals she designed: a bunch of cheerful succulents in a terrarium. Find them in our Wall-Ons collection of decals




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