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The Power Of Patterns

November 21, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

Imagine this: a rush of concentric, neon teardrop patterns – a modern graphic rendition of the ancient and great paisley pattern in a bouquet of shades – orange, turquoise, emerald green, purple all held together by a white background. This explosive and unusual pattern clads an ordinary stand-alone closet. The result is dramatic and when you think about it – a bit of a visual and décor adventure. It makes your experience of the room as a whole interesting.




One of my favourite wallcovering patterns is, objectively speaking (I would add a smiley face here) our very own Ocean Enchanted, Sea Escape one of the very first Nilaya Signatures collections. It is a flowy, watery, romantic world with coral and octopus in jewel colours – the style is a modern interpretation of Kalamkari. The first time I saw it I imagined it as a feature in a bathroom - cladding the wall behind an oversized, white ceramic sink, complementing sea blue tiles in the rest of the bathroom and contrasting beautifully with the white of the sink. So now it’s no longer just a bathroom you’re walking into but a space that speaks to you, with a big personality, with a story to tell.

There is an abundance of patterns to choose from, statement-making wonders. Each of them highlights a space and adds to the overall impact of a room. I love the old English study look where a part of the wall is dressed up formally in thick stripes in contrasting colours like dark chocolate and coffee. This striped space is given dimension by hanging artwork in thick square frames. You’d think it wouldn’t work – so much going on in a small space, so it’s amazing how beautifully everything is held together. 




Browsing through the Fab collection – a series of unusual patterns like line drawings of Polaroids, or pretty faces, perfume bottles or just sweet little hearts, one might be excused for dismissing it as a décor weirdness but it’s amazing how wonderfully these odd patterns stamp a space with a fun, quirky, light-hearted atmosphere. And if you worry about longevity – which is one of the main reasons people stick to uncontroversial and undemanding monochromes, you will be surprised to find how patterns define rooms, become their personality and are accepted as such by the people living in them.

Take a look at how big statement patterns take the everyday out of every day :



By Malini Aikat



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