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The Kalamkari art form can be traced back to ancient times when chitrakattis (travelling groups of singers, musicians and artists) journeyed between villages, entertaining locals with tales of Hindu mythology. The stories were brought to life with impromptu illustrations, created on large bolts of canvas with basic instruments and plant-based dyes. Today Kalamkari work, which translates to pen (kalam) craft (kari), is mostly seen on cotton fabric – as wall art and fashion. The art form continues to thrive in the cultural centres of Sri Kalahasti and Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

The Sea Escape collection is a modern take on this art tradition. Watch delicately hand-drawn ocean scenes unfold in mellow hues across three lines: Coral Bay, Ocean Enchanted and Mystic River.

Coral Bay
As the name suggests, Coral Bay features finely textured coral motifs that have been hand drawn and filled in with rich hues of red and orange. This is complemented by unusual colour couplings such as red on ultramarine, red on ochre and orange on patina. For those who would prefer a more classic colour scheme, there’s a cream on taupe option. Ideal for just about any space, this line pairs well with modern as well as antique furniture.

Ocean Enchanted
Jewel-toned sea creatures dance across textured sea green and ultramarine backdrops. Create a surrealist feel within your home by drawing colour and material cues from this wall covering – ocean-themed accessories, copper lighting solutions, curlicue-patterned textiles, etc. Available in shade of fiery red on ultramarine/sea green and sky blue on ocean green.

Mystic River
The folksy striped patterns of this range are reminiscent of one of India’s many riverside settlements teeming with life. Elements of this are seen in the form of tiny fish motifs, scaly and fish net patterns and rangoli-like designs. In combinations of white on tan or terracotta, this simplistic design will fit well in an ethnic décor scheme or serve as the perfect complement to a more contemporary setting.

Browse through the complete Sea Escape catalogue here.

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