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Show me your brocade and I'll raise you a damask

May 30, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

Brocade. Damask. Jacquard. Deliciously rich words that fill the mouth and evoke images of elaborate patterns. But what are they exactly? They sound almost, well, like the same thing. Vague notions of embroidered floral motifs on lush fabrics like silk or satin float about in the mind's eye. These are questions we don't ask but at odd pattern related moments wonder at. Vague wonderings ought to be cleared up at some point in the life of a pattern detective, especially those who care for the plethora of wallcovering choices out there which overflow with these sensuous, old world designs. What are their origins? How have they lasted for so many centuries? A housewife in 15 century England shared the same aesthetic as a housewife today. Wow. To begin with all three are indeed different things. 3 words, 3 separate concepts. Read on to unravel the mysteries of brocade, damask and jacquard.
By Malini Aikat

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