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So Much to Do, So Much to Say. By Golly It’s Bengaluru By Design!

November 29, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

It’s not Christmas. Yet. But like the revving of a car engine signalling the trip you’ve been waiting for, there’s that unmistakable winter nip in the air signalling a month of non stop fun to come. And the urge to break out into winter fashion – which in our case is a light something and not even a fraction of the fuss you can make in Delhi or Simla. But fuss we do. It’s a winter entitlement. And so is the irresistible party spirit that takes over at odds with a work day demands. This is when you want to be at UB City – the upscale city mall and food court that embodies the holiday spirit and also captures big city life perfectly. There’s always something on. And this time it’s Bengaluru By Design - an 9-day festival spread around the city that celebrates design and its impact on life and also what lies ahead. Bengaluru by Design is on from 23rd Nov to 2nd Dec. Amidst the regular buzz of activity, silly piped music, people, people, people bustling about, sitting at coffee tables, dressed up and talking, peering at laptops, ordering mocha lattes and being big city like, it’s the perfect place to think design.

There is much to celebrate for design is leading the way as the world’s foremost commercial activity. We are seeing innovation, ideas, imagination erupt every day. Every day is a revolution.  Every day we are reminded of new possibilities, new ways of looking and experiencing. And it’s exciting to say the least.




Bengaluru by Design covers three themes: Design and the public, design in education and design in business. I am drawn to the exhibition at Yelahanka where 15 Japanese posters, a part  of a collection of 75, are on display, created between 1980 to 1990 a period referred to as the Bubble Economy. They are simply gorgeous and are reflective of the Japanese aesthetic, delicate yet intense. They are a visual record, as posters are, of a time in Japanese life where change was rapid in areas like environment, culture and industry.


I am also excited by A Little Paper, A Little Poland by Karolina Merska, a London based Polish artist who contemporizes a Polish paper based folk art called Pajaki using rye straw and paper to make chandeliers and flower cut outs as decorations during Christmas, Easter, weddings and christenings. For this festival the artist has created a massive chandelier to be suspended from the high ceilings at UB City. Can’t wait.




Then there’s Tales of Indigo. A video installation by Asian Paints. That’s us. And I’m dying to see that too. Because who doesn’t love Indigo? The colour of India as azure is the colour of the Mediterranean. A part of the Asian Paints series of colour journeys that looked at colour palettes, this one focuses on one colour, its mystical associations, how it is extracted, its unique composition, its place in our lives.


Head to the link for more Bengaluru By Design:  https://bengalurubydesign.com/


By Malini Aikat

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