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A Sort of Green With A Funny Bluish Tinge and a Hint of Purple?

June 15, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

There are no-name colours. Inbetweeners. A bit of this with a touch of that. Colours whose names begin with “A sort of…”. Then there’s sarcoline. Colour of the flesh. Did you know sarcoline high heels elongate your legs – not literally but you do look like you suddenly have model legs. Some colours get defined by their names: Ashes of Roses, a lovely burnt rose, so poetic too. Designers live in colour land, so come, and discover 11 Colours You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, by Amanda Green.
Glaucous - blue-grey/blue-green | Good Earth                                                 Smaragdine - emerald green | Reflect


Eburnean - ivory white | Linda                                                                           Wenge - dark copper brown | Siroc

By Malini Aikat

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