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Forget about a month-long overhaul that involves hours chasing contractors and mulling over new furniture and furnishing designs. Sometimes the quickest makeovers are the most obvious. Adding a few lively elements to a dining table or that lonely lobby console will shift the mood in a space almost instantly. Here are three tablescape ideas to get you started.
Tis the season
Let the season's bounty guide you. Create a table décor that's brimming over with the freshest flowers, fruits and sprinkling of herbs. Depending on the time of the year, include dry flora like twigs and pine cones. Set this up in a small wooden box planter or in a glass terrarium (ideally, the ones for herbs). Place two or three pillar candles in it as anchors - along the length. Pack the leftover space with all things natural. The variety of colour and texture is sure to make any space pop. Come sundown, and the glow of the candles will work their magic.
Colour coded
What's great about a colour-themed tablescape is that you don't have to invest too much. Just pick a palette, any palette. Then rummage through your collection for pieces that fit the bill. Popular trends this year include midnight blues punctuated with sprightly magentas and oranges. Another popular combination is deep and light blues juxtaposed with bright yellows.
If you're feeling bold, try a spread of varied hues of pinks and purples. Use a table runner in a darker shade (blue or grey) as the base of the setting and build on it with splashes of colour. Try similar forms (like vases) or patterns (like stripes or animal prints) in varying shades. The trick is to do so in moderation.
Make it personal
Your Japanese edition of Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, that little bit of volcanic rock you snaffled at Mount Bromo, your collection of salt and pepper shakers or teacups. It's time to embrace your quirks and display them for the world to see. Tiny bits and bobs can be thrown together in a ceramic platter or even a mini fish bowl. It's a nice way to flaunt those travel keepsakes as well - so long as they're not the touristy magnet varieties.

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