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At a time when we've been swathed in unparalleled luxury with Sabyasachi's eye-popping new collection - The India Revival Project: Chapter II,  launched at India Fashion Week, one would think we wouldn't be able to distinguish gorgeousness from gorgeousness. But then something like Mimosa comes along sunwashed in this 2018's colour of the year: Passion Flower and it looks like we're more than able to navigate the different frequencies of luxury. 
Mimosa is a slow melody, sweet and lyrical - a floral song draping its magic on a wall and creating an atmosphere that is uplifting, calm, positive, welcoming, harmonious and has the power to connect us to our surroundings in a very deep way. 


Sabyasachi's collection is immediately transformative. There is such depth in the patterns - each one plunges a space into an almost velvetty beauty. All of the patterns are journeys into various landscapes of opulence which makes Mimosa stand out even more with its lemony lightness. As stunning, as lush and as lavish as the rest of the collection but with a radiant warmth like an exceptional smile.

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