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Table Setting Ideas

August 08, 2016, 0 comments, on Reimagine your Interior spaces | Nilaya by Asian Paints

Whether it's a dining table, a console in the foyer or the coffee table, we present you with 10 cool table decoration ideas.
  • Get playful with toys. Try colourful pinwheels in planters, trucks or train carriages with succulents, Lego or animal place card holders, etc.
  • Give your local flea market a go. Vintage clocks, old wine bottles repurposed as vases, earthenware pickle jars, old milk bottles in holders... Those slightly chipped or faded objects will make for character-filled tablescapes adding to your center table décor.
  • Check the junk drawer for any scrap material that can be upcycled. Leftover wallpaper, for instance, can add a splash of colour and pattern as a table runner or placemats. Turn jute-clad tin cans into cutlery holders or flower pots.
  • Play with scale by making a single outsized object - such as a potted plant, a white birdcage with fairy lights, a piece of tribal art picked up in the interiors or Maharashtra or Rajasthan, etc - the focal point of the table.
  • That pebble you picked up by the Ganges, those fallen pine cones from the hills of Sumatra, press dried flowers from years ago... Bring them together in a singing bowl or a glass jar, so each can tell its story.
  • Apart from these table setting ideas go minimal with an odd coupling of objects. Geeky robot meet Russian nesting doll meet kiddie meal collectible. Display the trio on a cake stand topped with a bell jar or in a goldfish bowl.
  • Or take it off the table completely. Low-hanging pendant lights, a drapery of greens, or perhaps a couple of stringed puppets will anchor the table setting, while keeping its surface clutter free and practical.
  • Ditch the heavy coffee table tomes for a stack of puzzle/quiz pocketbooks that encourages people to connect. Or have a little fun with children's 39 literature favourites - guaranteed to trigger nostalgic banter.
  • For something more obvious, try bottles of bite-sized savouries and candy. You can't go wrong with food – unless you choose temperature-sensitive items, of course.
  • Finally, turn the table itself into a centrepiece by incorporating some art into its design - this works especially well on low tables. For example, paint an old trunk and convert it into a coffee table, try your hand at zendoodle patterns along the legs of an old table, or if you have access to traditional craftspeople, get them to work their magic!


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