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Off the Wall

August 20, 2018, 0 comments, on Lab Nilaya

It’s no longer about a neutral backdrop that will quietly play second fiddle to framed art. It’s not about clean and tidy. It’s not about basic. Walls have become an interior fashion statement. With wallcoverings that range from classic to eye-popping fantasies, what you do with them is reflective of your style and the limits of imagination.We’re going to look at some wall-shaking patterns and show you how to use them. From the prim old classics that are classics for a reason to all over patterns like quirky illustrations of high heels with a touch of Beverly Hills glam we have wallcoverings to get you out of the same old-same old.


Flowers Forever

We promised wall-shaking and we start with flowers? Flowers, dear reader, never – never – go out of style and do what they’ve always done – lift the spirits and keep them there. They also make a room look really, really nice.


Animal Instincts 



Bold. Stylish. Daring. Wall of a kind. An animal print says you have a strong personality and it reflects in your décor scheme. You want a statement making pattern such as this in a prominent room – like a living or dining room. Or a bedroom – why not?


Eastern Dreams



Gorgeous fantasies like Chinoiserie toiles are for those who have a love for the rich and opulent. Bedrooms are a great place to hang these. They’re also a great touch in a lavishly appointed bathroom and will go well with all your fancy products.


Naturally Deco



Geonature is an astonishing collection that combines Art Deco stylings with nature themed motifs ushering in a mood that is at once soothing as it is dashing. It freshens up a space in no time and carries you away to a world that is far away from the mundane.


Bold Strokes



Make your escape from the everyday with dazzling abstract design experiments and strong colours. Not for the faint heart but for the adventurous and intrepid. Your room will be anything but boring.


That Seventies Show



Boho-chic, swirly patterns, candy colours are the immediate antidote to low spirits. Quirky prints, happy themes, tongue-in-cheek motifs keep things interesting and charming design wise.


Forest Lodge Fashion



We may not trek but we sure can live the life with rugged mountain lodge themed patterns. You can almost hear the crunch of leaves, feel the crisp mountain air and breathe in the pine scent. Curl up under a quilt and read a trekking adventure.


Exotic Expressions



Floating elephants? Exotic prints such as these transport you to another realm – rich and dreamy. Perfect for a luxurious, opulent room. Indulge your senses and live the fantasy life.


It’s the new age of décor. It’s not about plain and simple cladding but a celebration – of life and beauty. Enjoy!


By Malini Aikat

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