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Wardrobe to Walls: Sabyasachi.

February 01, 2018, 0 comments, on Nilaya Loves | Our favourite designers, new stores & insider shopping tips

He is arguably India's favourite designer, the emperor of fashion, he who daringly combines fabrics, textures, unlikely shades and regal art forms from a bygone age to produce – magic. He dresses the nations' sweethearts, brides from Anushka to Pia Sodhi in baby pink and soft bird's egg blue with intricate embroidery and miles of sensuous silk and his instagram is so addictive for those who can't wear and can only stare, it is the stuff of case studies in American universities.
He is Sabyasachi. And he is tireless, an inspiration – to those of us who need to sit down. When he is not weaving magic, he is writing verse, when he's not writing verse, he is masterfully steering the course of his lavish brand. His encyclopedic knowledge and a lover's passion for Indian art forms result in designs that are not just couture but orchestral compositions.
Quite simply he has redefined our concept of beauty and luxury. His compositions have draped our most iconic beauties: Aishwarya, Vidya and Deepika, immortalising them in transcendent creations.
And the leap from wardrobe to wall was inevitable as it was imminent. Having transformed the interiors of the Taj London – a glamorous and eye popping ode to old Hollywood glamour, Sabyasachi turned his creative genius to creating one of a kind wallcoverings for Nilaya. The result was a visual masterpiece, a wholly original and grand collection: India Baroque – Sabyasachi's characteristic larger than life aesthetics for interiors.
Always a step ahead, Sabyasachi has a keen instinct for what will resonate and his new collection is an ode to the minutiae of what makes India such a treasure trove of artistic inspiration. Through a bouquet of floral patterns, French Impressionism, Raj era etchings and Mughal sensibilities he has created for Nilaya – Chapter II: India Revival Project, a collection of incomparable splendour that promises to transform any space to a dream world.
For a preview of this magnificent collection, visit:  https://www.instagram.com/sabyasachiofficial/?hl=en

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