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Xmas Playlist

December 31, 2018, 1 comments, on Lab Nilaya

Sing Along with Lab Nilaya. It's Xmas!


We take Christmas very seriously over here. Each in our own nutty way. Secret Santa is a thing. This year we're doing it online.  I thought I wouldn't enjoy the lack of personal touch but actually found this new age version kind of fun. We have our abstract tree we all love. And there will be plum cake. 

There's always music at Lab Nilaya. We could literally dj for lounge bars. Easha, graphic designer, plays some mean music which makes our work even more enjoyable.

Christmas songs. I like to do a Lab Nilaya playlist.  From us to you. Songs to lounge by, laze by, work with, but most  importantly, celebrate the season with. 


So here it is. A teeny bit of classic but mostly poppy and definitely fun. Justin Bieber rubs shoulders with ol' yummy, Sinatra and Seth McFarlane shows us the magic never went away. And for your continued listening pleasure, You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch is a 1966 delight written by the irrepressible Dr Seuss himself for the Christmas special, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Grinch's meaness is described in a series of increasingly outlandish metaphors - he's, for instance, worse than a seasick crocodile.  Kids will laugh and you'll forget you're a grown up: https://youtu.be/tWFaP1tkGgM


The 2018 Lab Nilaya Xmas Playlist:

Let it Snow - Dean Martin 

Mistletoe and Holly - Frank Sinatra Mistletoe- Justin Bieber 

Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande 

Santa Can You Hear Me-  Britney Spears 

You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch-Thurl Ravenscoft

The Perfect Christmas- Daniela Andrade

Not Just on Christmas- Ariana Grande 

Little Jack Frost Get lost - Seth Mcfarlane 

A Marshmallow World Seth Mcfarlane



By Malini Aikat.

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