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Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Ceiling Fan Decoration Ideas

    An Indian home without a ceiling fan is incomplete. The market is spinning with a variety of options, from organic bamboo designs to gilded ornamentations. Before you go on a shopping spree though, we suggest you try this funky home makeover ideas first for a trendy ceiling fan design. It’s the least you could do for your loyal fan after the sticky summer nights you’ve survived together.
    Kit up
    ·         Screwdriver
    ·         Wide masking tape
    ·         Pencil/marker
    ·         A utility knife (cutter)
    ·         Spray paint

    1. Unscrew the fan blades from their arms and wipe down all surfaces.
    2. Draw a zigzag pattern along the length of the masking tape roll. With the utility knife, carefully carve out the pattern so that the tape unspools as a long, even chevron strip.
    3. Neatly fix the tape across the blades at regular intervals to create a striped pattern across each arm. Increase the spacing toward the centre for a cool ’70s ombre effect when the fan is switched on. The aim is to cover any area that you do not want painted and spray the whole blade at one go, rather that painstakingly etch out the design one chevron print at a time.
    4. Tape a sheet of paper to the inner end of the blades to protect them from the paint. You can also tape the edges to create a border.
    5. Carpet your floor with used newspaper and lay the prepared fan blades on it. Pick a shade of spray paint that goes with the overall colour scheme of the room. Start spraying from the outer edge of the blade moving inward.
    6. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape and screw the blades back on.
    Tip: Experiment with varied patterns. Just downloaded one online and trace it onto a transparent plastic sheet to create a custom stencil. For a simpler solution, use leftover wallpaper as cladding material for the blades.

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