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Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

Cosy Living Room Interior Ideas

Most of us, especially though living in mega cities, could do with a little more space. Although, too much of a good thing can sometimes prove to be a bit of challenge. For instance, capacious double-height interiors with all the light in the world, might feel a bit cold if not thoughtfully decorated. Here we give you five tips to layer a large living area to look its cosy best.

1. Step away from the walls

In case of large interiors, lining furniture along walls often leaves a void at the centre. This can also make people sitting on side of the room feel cut off from those on the other. The solution is to place furniture away from the edges, and create an inviting nook centred on a focal point such as a fireplace, piece of art, bay window, etc.

2. Anchor your living room

A puny futon will look as odd in an outsized living area as a chunky recliner would in a cramped space. Pick furniture pieces that are proportionate to the area of your home interiors. Sectional sofas, Chesterfield sofa, statement wing chairs, ottomans as coffee tables, etc. The same goes for artworks – run with bold, fairly large formats of wall art or sculptures.

3. Create pools of social activity

The living room is where you entertain, so ensure there’s plenty of opportunities for varied people to connect. An intimate table for two by the window, an armchair by the bookshelf for the introvert, a bar stool or two for tipple talk, larger arrangements for big parties and a nest of tables that double as perches for unexpected guests. Pieces like daybeds and consoles are also a great way to divide a room yet stay visually connected.

4. Try some layers

Colour and texture are two good ways to layer a space. Wooden wall paneling, wall coverings and two-toned painted walls, either at the ceiling or floor level, create the illusion of a lower heighted living room. Choose warm, earthy tones like indigos, greys, maroons and browns that draw a space in. See more ideas on wallpapers for living room Alternatively use texture in the form of potted plants or natural fabrics (drapes) that will draw the eye upward while softening the impact of the double height. Plush Kashmiri rugs, embroidered cushions and throws are also effective in effecting a comfy setting.

5. Light it right

Finally, lighting is key. While you can never have too much natural light, ensure that it’s filtered via sheer curtains or screens in your living room receiving harsh daylight. With artificial lighting, complement a central chandelier with a mix of floor/table lamps, wall sconces or low-hanging pendants to eliminate eerie shadows in corners.

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