Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    DIY Monogram Artwork

    Welcoming a new child into the family or moving into your first apartment calls for a declaration of sorts within your home interiors. Sure, memory walls are cute and effective, but how about something a little different? Try this fuss-free, hue-happy DIY wall art using monogram letters along with other wall hanging ideas to celebrate a new beginning or reminisce over old connections.

    Kit up

    ·         Cardboard/ Thermocol board

    ·         Adhesive

    ·         Paper

    ·         Tape

    ·         Utility knife

    ·         Pair of scissors

    ·         Yarn (Quantity depends on the area and thickness of the letter)

    ·         Decorative elements (e.g. photographs, cloth flowers, beads, etc)


    Begin by selecting the font you want your letter in, and printing it out on an A3 sheet. Try a bold, san-serif option for a minimalist look, or curvy serif one to create a softer, classic look. Consider the overall aesthetic of your home before you decide.

    Tape the print over the cardboard/thermocol sheet and use the utility knife to cut along the edge of the letter. Tip: In case of thermocol, gently heat the blade over a candle flame to ensure a smooth-edged finish.
    Starting at one end, liberally apply adhesive on the front and back of the letter, and begin wrapping the yarn around it. Switching between shades/colours will create an ombre effect or a striped pattern. For added texture, use yarns of different thicknesses.

    Once dry, it’s time for some embellishments – stick on felt floral motifs, shells gathered on your last vacation, Polaroid family pictures, cartoon characters for the older kids, etc. You can either wall mount the monogram wall art using double-sided adhesive strips or leave it as part of the tablescape. Bonus: In case of a thermocol base, you can use it as a mini memo/memory board.

    TIP: For those comfortable around power tools, use a piece of plywood as the base to make a more durable wall hanging. Experiment with cladding materials: a complementary palette of lace and burlap, contrasting patterns of wallpaper or good ole paint! Check out unique patterned wallpapers by Nilaya that will give your interiors a complete new vibe.


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