Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    DIY Wall Décor

    A patterned wall decor project that the whole family will enjoy.

    Restless kids and summer afternoons can be quite the challenging combination. It’s too hot to go out and there’s only so much screen time in a day. Why not engage them in a DIY project – a feature wall for their room perhaps? Here we tell you how to create the perfect pattern wall using your (or their) favourite shape. Get your little helpers involved in the gluing and measuring process. Older children can even take on the lower levels themselves.

    Kit up

     Wallpaper/decals/washi tape (available online)


     Tape measure

     Nilaya adhesive (if using wallpaper)

     Pair of scissors



    Step 1

    First off, decide on the kind of wall pattern you want – dots, crosses, triangles, etc. Depending on the size of each element and the vertical surface, figure out the number of dots you will need. A trial, pencilling out a grid that can be erased later, will give you an idea of the number of elements per row, the distance between each and the number of rows. Once again, this will depend on how busy you’d like the pattern to be.

    Step 2

    Cut out the shape elements in case of wallpaper. With washi tape, this step occurs through the process, while wall decals are ready to use!

    Step 3

    Starting at the top, measure from the ceiling and stick the first shape onto the wall – applying Nilaya adhesive if required. Now use the tape measure and pencil to ensure the next piece is at the same height. Remember to maintain the same distance between elements or you’ll end up with a wonky pattern. Tip: measure from outer edge to outer edge for consistency and ease.

    Step 4

    Getting the first two rows right is key as they set the tone for the rest of the design.

    TIP: Depending on switch plates, columns, etc, you may need to trim some shapes in half. If you’re anal about symmetry, go wild with an eclectic pattern. For a simpler stress-free solution that the whole family can enjoy, check out for one of  Nilaya’s fun wall decal compositions.

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