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Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Handmade Bird Feeders

    As October draws near, some of us are bracing ourselves for the unforgiving heat wave, while others await that first nip in the air. It doesn’t matter which part of the country you’re in, your garden or balcony – or window box for that matter – could do with a little life and colour. Do so with a pretty diy little bird-feeder from an old teacup and saucer.

    Kit up
    ·         Old teacup and saucer (melamine or plastic is ideal)
    ·         Epoxy glue
    ·         Hand drill
    ·         Large eye bolt (preferably over 6 inches in length)
    ·         One nut
    ·         Three washers

    Method for homemade bird feeders

    1. The hardest part is the drilling. To avoid cracking the plastic, place the cup/saucer on a block of wood and drill directly through the centre. Do not worry if the surface chips slightly; this will be covered by the bolt. If you’re uncomfortable with handling power tools, opt for a disposable plastic set instead. Now you can make the holes by heating a metal skewer/screwdriver over an open flame and pushing it gently through the base of the plate/cup.
    2. Place a washer toward one end of the eye bolt, not quite at the top, followed by the saucer and then another washer. Glue the washers in place to prevent wobbling. The eye of the bolt must face outward on the bottom face of the saucer.
    3. At the very end of the bolt, repeat this process with the cup, followed by a nut below it for extra support. Make sure that the cup faces the saucer to create a feeding dish and a shade.
    4. Load up the cup with seeds and you’re open for business!

    TIP: If the nut and bolt procedure sounds complicated you can replace it with a sturdy rope knotted at either end of each piece to set it in place. This option is easier, but less stable. Be careful of strong winds.

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