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It’s Beginning to look a lot like Xmas

Fairy lights are beginning to wind their way around tree trunks, raining down along walls and twinkling from branches. Small trees are up as a taste of what awaits. December is here and everyone’s favorite holiday is just around the corner and xmas colours are beginning to come out in all their celebratory glory: red, green and gold with pretty snowflakes of white thrown in, and blue and purple to add richness.

Red. Color of holly berries, apples (from the Garden of Eden story) and the colour of bishop’s robes. On your walls? Red is a powerful and passionate colour that exudes joy and positivity. It’s a colour that allows other colours to pop and forms a perfect backdrop for paintings – it’s an art gallerist’s favourite for showcasing grand oil paintings. It’s a very successful colour for feature walls and for centering a room. Even used all over red is a fabulous colour giving a room a high energy – a red room is a vibrant and ebullient party room.

Green. Colour of holly, ivy and mistletoe – used as decorations for hundreds of years. And while it’s cold outside, green is the sign of spring to come. The Romans exchanged evergreen branches to wish each other luck. The Egyptians kept palm branches during winter festivals. It is also, of course, the colour of the christmas tree.
On our walls? Deep, woodsy green is a handsome shade that offers a cool energy and as a backdrop makes colours like gold, wine, pink and terracotta pop.

Gold. The wise men brought gold to the baby Jesus. It is also the colour of the star that guided them. Gold represents the sun and vitality. On a wall? Gold has warming effect, cheerful and bright. It is versatile – just like the sun and offsets all the colours in the spectrum.

White. The colour of winter snow, of snowflakes – lacy and delicate. The colour of purity and a world washed clean. White represents a new beginning. White walls are the commonest with their appealing neutrality and versatility, the freshness they offer and a soothing charm. But there are whites and whites – creamy, pearlescent, ivory, milky, and those that are tinged with a whisper of colour. The latter form pretty duets with the bolder versions of the tinges.

Blue and purple. Blue is the colour of the sky and Mary, the mother of Jesus’s, robe. Blue dye was not easy to obtain and was thus also the colour of royalty. Purple was also associated with royalty and often the colour of the altar cloth. On walls rich blue or purple are very striking and give a room a luxurious and grand look and feel.

Christmas colours are unmatched for their ability to lift the spirit and fill a home with the excitement and festive joy. They are the fairy dust that settles on the earth at the end of every year. Bring them home and fill every day with the magic of Christmas.

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