Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Leaving It All Behind

    How about no design? How about found things? An old jeep seat? A discarded school bench of the very old fashioned kind? Cane beds that no one remembers buying? How about a cosy lived in look achieved by cozily living? There are homes that are carefully assembled to create an atmosphere – and we see plenty of those. And there are those that grow with us – an armchair appears where a grand dad does, a side table springs up where a weekend dad places his can of beer. A comfortable couch is placed where the family likes to gather. A pretty mirror is hung from where there is a nail and the perfect spot for a teenager likes to put on her face – it’s as simple as that. Somebody says: “Would you like this old jeep seat, it’s from my Dad’s old jeep?” And with hand on chin one says yes – there’s need and place in a corner to occupy – another spot in front of the telly.


    This kind of growth might sound terribly chaotic and unplanned but it can also be amazingly beautiful like noble ivy on a brick wall. It’s also the kind of place one invariably finds vintage wallcoverings – colors grown deeper with time, themes rural or floral, perhaps a toile de jouy, the feel as warm as a comforter. It’s the place of old, worn chintz or velveteen with patches where heads have rested, where baskets of the most intricate weaves and old grass. This is where original Adirondack chairs lie about and no one is evaluating their worth except for how great they are to watch an evening die from. It is a world of throws – lots of them – for people like to be comfortable, a world of quilts – for people like to be comfortable. And so, if there is a design theme, it is that – comfort.

    Colours aren’t matched – if they are pretty or soothing to the eye or fit a whim – they’re in. And why should colors match? All colors match in nature, why shouldn’t they inside a home? And so red resides harmoniously with orange which is perfectly at ease with grey which has no quarrel with brown. Materials, styles, the latest technology – everything finds a home in places such as these and nothing looks out of place.


    There’s an almighty crack on the wall – that most would want to replaster, here it tells a tale – of time traveling on and leaving behind a trace. Easy living isn’t for everybody. But it is welcoming to all. People discover they can take their anxiety off and lounge, they can put their feet up, lie back and conversation flows like homemade wine. Boho chic is one of the terms created for it and without any irony a “How to” is compiled to achieve it. There is only one true way: live easy, enjoy life, make iced tea on a hot summer afternoon and allow your creative spirit free reign.

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