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Love All

While we have nothing against a formal wine and dine do, we suggest you try something a little different this Valentine’s Day. Skip the crazy-in-love crowd and treat each other to some quality time with these unconventional date ideas. You can thank us later.

1. Get hot and sweaty with a couple’s yoga class together – assisted stretches, back-to-back bends and face-to-face breath-work! It’s one of the healthiest ways to connect; physically, mentally and spiritually.  Else, team up against your BFF and his/her partner for a game for tennis or golf.

2. Skip the waiting line and cook your own dinner. Pick a few recipes that the both of you have been waiting to try, throw on some mood music and chop to it!

3. There’s nothing sexier than discovering the compassionate, giving side of your partner. Spend the day volunteering at an animal shelter, home for the aged, orphanage, etc.

4. A daylight romance will ensure you steer clear of the candlelight rush hour. Go on a sunrise or sunset hike to your nearest national park. For that surprise element, have a little picnic set up in advance at the final point – you’ll need some help, of course. For the city slickers, a treasure hunt is also a fun option.

5. Indulge the child within by recreating each other’s most memorable childhood experiences – hopscotch down the lane, a trip to the circus, candyfloss and roller coasters at an amusement park.


6. Take a theme-driven road trip. For instance, if you two are foodies, plot out the best dhabas, chai stalls, kulfiwallas, etc. Similarly, you can plan film, book and historic trails.

7. Agree to a handmade Valentine’s a couple of weeks ahead. This will give you plenty of time to try out your DIY skills. If all else fails, a photo collage or coupons are sure winner.

8. Enjoy a no-screen day indoors. Revive the romance of reading to each other, enjoy a champagne-laced soak, give each other a massage, exchange handwritten love letters, have a go at a board game or two – strip Jenga anyone?

9. Or how about a silent date? You heard it right. Cutting the chatter leaves plenty of room for creative communication via notes, body language, etc. Create a relaxed setting with soft lighting, ambient music, or maybe even watch a silent film. How meta.

10. If V-Day is too mainstream for you, throw an anti-Valentines bash for the newly singles and happy couples alike. Instead of lovey-dovey red, go with an all-black colour theme or your all-time-favourite shade. Cue a playlist of unlucky-in-love tunes or silly love songs. Put up a Cupid piñata where the broken-hearted can unleash their anger. You get the idea…

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