Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Maximum City


    Maharshi Patel


    Maharshi Patel is an architecture student with a passion for photography. The self-taught shutterbug credits Instagram and its well-known Instameets for helping him hone his skill over the years. “I got influenced by many outstanding photographers across the globe. Slowly, I started developing it as a hobby. The only key to my learning was trial and error. After each mistake, I learned something new,” he says. His feed, a reflection of his personality, is peppered with images of outdoorsy escapes across India and everyday captures in his hometown, Mumbai. Patel believes “you just need right perspective to create any image.” This is witnessed in his framing of architectural cross-sections – be it the colonial architecture of South Mumbai or the modern skywalks we take for granted on out daily commute. “Mumbai is one of the popular cities in the world, with various architectural styles, communities, lifestyles… capturing its charm is definitely an achievement itself,” he concludes.

    A smoky river or a cloud wave?

    Jay Thakkar


    “Mumbai is a place full of stories. Every place, every lane, has a story to tell,” says Jay Thakkar. A reflection of the Rajabai Clock Tower caught in a monsoon puddle, carefree kids splashing about Dadar beach, The Gateway against a sunset sky… Thakkar manages to capture a more solitary, peaceful side of the restless city. When asked about his favourite click till date, he recalls, “I am a simple guy who finds joy in the smallest things. Sunsets in Bombay are to long for; the kaleidoscopic magic leaves me spellbound. The sunset at Dadar beach is one such special picture for me.” His recent feed offers some vicarious travel with images from a trip to Coorg. While this may have been one of the loveliest vacations he’s experienced so far, we’ll check back with him once he has visited Leh, currently at the top of his bucket list.

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