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Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Meditation Room Design Ideas

    Three meditative nooks to help you make the most of me time
    The hustle of everyday routine, rush hour traffic, looming deadlines and providing for the needs of loved ones takes a toll on your spirit. It’s important to enjoy some alone time for you to unwind. Whether you do so while reading, knitting or practicing yoga, a dedicated space is a must. We bring you three serene ideas.

    1. Space smart

    The area under the staircase is often dismissed as dead space. Capitalise on this snug pocket to create a reading niche. Slap on a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour or layer it with wallpaper in relaxing nature-inspired patterns. Take a look at new wallpaper designs by Nilaya designed by the finest manufacturers around the world. Include a bench with built-in storage for books, craft materials, vinyls, etc. Don’t forget a reading lamp – preferably ceiling mounted for a clutter-free look.

    2. Follow the light

    A spot in the sun can turn your day around. Create a minimal meditation setting near a window that lets ample natural light through – ideally in the morning or at sunset. Anchor the space with a Japanese tatami mat or medium-sized rug. Lightly layer it with a floor cushion or two, an incense holder or aromatherapy candles, a minimalist wind chime, a stone figurine of the Buddha, a potted plant, etc.

    3. Take it outside 

    There’s no better setting to practice yoga than the great outdoors. If you have a garden, courtyard or even a largish balcony, half the job is done – the ambience is taken care of by the elements. Now all you need is a couple of accessories to ground the setting. A yoga mat is essential, of course. Try a traditional one, woven in natural fibres. For some rustic-chic appeal, complement the set-up with a water body (like a small fountain or an urli with flowers afloat), dry landscaping such as pebbles or dried twigs, etc.


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