Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Mix Wallpapers to Rejuvenate your Space by Sharon Dsouza

    Nilaya, the premium luxury wall coverings brand by Asian Paints houses over 5,000 patterns! While we are spoilt for choice with wallpapers, we tend to play safe, and choose only tried and tested patterns– stripes, geometric patterns, or motifs. But there is so much more to explore!

    Have you tried experimenting with wallpapers?  If you are hesitant to go for bold and colour-popping designs, then try mixing two wallpaper patterns or colours for a welcome change! Here are 4 lovely ideas!

    Deep and trendy floral with 3” Yellow Stripes

    While the general rule of thumb has been mix florals with florals in contrasting shades, this Paradis wallpaper by Nilaya will look better with muted yellow contrasting wallpaper.

    The 3” yellow stripes make the yellow in Paradis pop, and balances out the room. When you use light against dark, the visual dimensions of the room are altered favourably. Ensure these designs are on opposite sides of the room, and you need a reflecting accessory such as a mirror on the Paradis wallpaper, both for a visual break, and to reflect the yellow from the opposite wall.

    This also works brilliantly, if you want to use dark blue or black on your walls, but are afraid that the room will shrink. The pastel yellow will come to your rescue and give you one dark wall without the delusion of a smaller space. A Sabyasachi for Nilaya wallcovering will work well with this look too.

    Ocean Enchanted with a solid red

    Tropical and summer vacation-esque prints are trending in 2017, and this Ocean Enchanted wallpaper from Nilaya will make your home look stylish and fashionable.

    However, remember that this is a large print, which can easily overwhelm your room. So introduce it in small measures, like an alcove in the living room or a focal wall, and set it off with a red solid wall right next to it.

    It looks different yet sophisticated.

    Tropical print with Matt Gold or Beige

    If you have a few dark wood pieces and a bit of colour on your upholstery, may I recommend the Astoria wallpaper? It’s bold and large prints are offset by the neutral black-white which both mute the design, and make it pop, in a parody of sorts.

    Pair it with an off-white wallpaper on the adjoining walls. This works well for large rooms, where you can set off a dark wood console table to couch.

    Spring-summer blooms

    The colours of spring – colourful yet light on the eyes are perfect mood-lifters in any room. This Lovebirds wallpaper is easy on the pocket, and it pairs well with the blue-green Heartbeat chevron wallpaper too.

    Which of these combinations did you like, and which ones would you like to try out for your own home?

    Perhaps you would like to go through the wallcoverings on the Nilaya website and pair your own wallpapers for this decorating idea?

    Nilaya offers a range of premium, luxury wall coverings, and also has over 300 stores all over India. We would love to know your thoughts!

    Sharon ColacoDSouza is a professional content strategist and an interiors stylist. She is passionate about home décor, and runs a décor blog called The Keybunch.

    She is also the founder of Décor Drama, a popular online community for décor lovers.She is a published features writer and author.  She works from her home office in Pune, which she shares with her science-buff family consisting of a husband and two young kids.

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