Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Moods of Monsoon

    The scent of wet earth, sunlight reflecting off tiny beads of water, freshly washed treetops… Thoughts of the monsoon season flood our mind at the end of an unforgiving summer. We make the wait less agonising with our Moods Of Monsoon collection of wall coverings. Inspired by the art of rain, light and earth, the designs are interpreted in old-school techniques, like tie-and-dye, in cosy hues and natural textures.
    Rain Dance

    Child-like brush strokes make their way down this wall covering, each with a unique playfulness yet uniform in their pinstripe spacing. The soft-edged finish brings to mind a light rain that gently persuades you to take a breath from routine and enjoy the moment. Presented in a set of three colour variations – black on white, white on indigo and patina on beige – you can pair this design with warm hand-woven textiles, monochrome art and statement accessories.

    Painted Sky
    Inspired by a stormy aftermath, this design makes a bold geo-abstract impact. Reminiscent of Mughal jaali-work or the water stains left behind on a glass-block window storm, the wallpaper works well with modern silhouettes. It’s just the burst of life you need within an otherwise minimalist space. Introduce textural variation through denim, linen or even stone accents. Available in a trendy indigo on white combination.
    Much like a water colour rendition of the much-favoured exposed-brick wall, this abstract modernist design is the result of a simple tie-and-dye effect. Its graphic palette – black on white, madder on beige and a rain-washed turquoise on beige – will complement just about any style of interiors. For a rustic feel, try it with artisan décor in natural materials like clay, wood, bamboo, stone, etc.
    April Showers
    The relaxed striated design feels a bit like those paper-weaving art projects that just about everyone has had a go at in school. This wall covering draws its inspiration from rain-shine.  Pick from two colour combinations: indigo on white and madder on beige. Fill the surrounding space with pops of similar shades – for example, the piping on an upholstered armchair, patterns on crockery, potted plants, fruit, etc.

    Browse through the complete Moods Of Monsoon catalogue here.

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