Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints


    Nilaya Naturals

    Nilaya brings a wall to life with endless possibilities. Created by Asian Paints, Nilaya employs a deep understanding of surfaces and Indian aesthetics to blend design, material and technique to create stunning surfaces. And now, this innovative brand has grown to include, exclusively crafted organic paints made of pure, natural ingredients - Nilaya Naturals.

    • Breathable

      Nilaya Naturals is breathable, allowing air to flow freely for a healthy room.

    • Petal Perfect Matte

      The organic ingredients of Nilaya Naturals make it a perfect matte, so soothing to the eye and to the senses.

    • Clean, Fresh Smell

      Healthy, natural ingredients give Nilaya Naturals a clean, fresh smell.

    • Earth Safe

      Nilaya Naturals behaves like colours in nature - retaining their original tone in different lights.

    • True Colour

      Every ingredient of Nilaya Naturals is a clean, earthbound raw material that does not hurt the environment.

    Paint Story

    Paint Story

    The delicate moods and colours of nature are captured in Nilaya Naturals, paints made of organic ingredients – like shell, clay, marble, plants and minerals. Lose yourself in nature’s true colours.

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    Colour Story

    Colour Story

    A colour is built pigment by pigment. Naturally occurring pigments are an eloquent phenomenon, allowing man to compose tonally perfect colours for centuries - as alive and as joyous as colours produced by nature herself.

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    Natural Painting System

    Natural Painting System

    The enduring beauty of Nilaya Naturals comes from its clean and fresh organic ingredients. To achieve the best results from this formulation, we recommend our paints and pigments are applied with specially crafted companion basecoat and primer made from natural ingredients.

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    Image Gallery

    • Shells on the Sand (20g)

    • A Bunch of Jasmine (20g)

    • Jaipur Morning Walk (20g)

    • Drop of Rose Milk (20g)

    • Suddenly a Parrot (20g)

    • Return to the Nilgiris (20g)

    • Cool Beneath the Ferns (20g)

    • Sea of Dunes (20g)

    • Ragas in the Rain (20g)

    • Cloudy Floating Questions (20g)

    • Ripples Run Away (20g)

    • Daydreams in Blue (20g)

    • Blue Moon Shining (20g)