Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

Story of Nilaya Naturals

A walk in the woods, a day by the ocean, a 6 a.m. sunrise. The delicate moods and colours of nature are captured in Nilaya Naturals, paints made of organic ingredients – like shell, clay, marble, plants and minerals. Lose yourself in nature’s true colours.

Nilaya brings a wall to life with endless possibilities. Created by Asian Paints, Nilaya employs a deep understanding of surfaces and Indian aesthetics to blend design, material and technique to create stunning surfaces. Our dazzling wallcoverings, decals, borders and paintable wallpapers the result of in-house creations, inspired collaborations with celebrated international designers and curations from the finest manufacturers around the world. And now, this innovative brand has grown to include, exclusively crafted organic paints made of pure, natural ingredients - Nilaya Naturals.

Paint Ingredients

The enduring beauty of Nilaya Naturals comes from its clean and fresh organic ingredients like soya bean, milk, calcium carbonate, castor seeds and neem oil.

Our Features

  • Breathable

    The organic composition of Nilaya Naturals makes it porous and breathable which means air can flow freely between the layers. This makes it hard for dust to settle or damp to build up, and microbial growth is greatly reduced. What results is a healthy, odour free room environment.

  • Petal Perfect Matte

    The eye finds a flower petal with its total matte very comforting to gaze upon. Which is why Nilaya Naturals, composed only of natural ingredients, produces a flawless matte and a perfect vintage finish. The result is a deeply beautiful paint with a strong emotional impact like that of any natural phenomenon.

  • Clean, Fresh Smell

    Healthy, natural ingredients mean Nilaya Naturals does not release environmentally unfriendly volatile organic chemicals into the atmosphere. It has a clean, fresh smell unlike a typical paint smell.

  • Earth Safe

    Every ingredient of Nilaya Naturals is a clean, earthbound raw material – like clay, stone, marble or cotton and at the end of the paint’s life, these return to the earth, unaltered, keeping the environment unharmed.

  • True Colour

    Nilaya Naturals, made wholly of natural pigments, offers a complete and soothing colour experience. While synthetic colours alter under different lights, Nilaya Naturals behaves like colours in nature - retaining its original tone in different light conditions.

  • 10 Year Warranty

    Nilaya Naturals comes with a 10 Year Warranty which means you have our assurance of paint performance year after year