Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints
Wallcoverings, paintable wallpapers & decals from Asian Paints

    Pattern Detectives

    By Malini Aikat

    Bangalore, where Lab Nilaya operates from, has transformed rapidly from a quaint and intimate cantonment town to a sprawling anonymous city. Old, elaborate architectural forms have given way to glass clad towers. A walk through the city, however, is a delight for peeping out from here and there are signs of old splendour. We of the world of wall covers became pattern detectives and went hunting for the old and the glorious. And we weren’t disappointed.

    Mossy boundary walls like ageing beauties revealed pretty carvings and grand old gates stood silent and alone – portals to what once was and can only be imagined at. We came upon the most intricate iron scrollwork (a particular favourite had a wrought iron bird as part of its ornamentation) and lavish art deco panels. It was lovely to see the enduring beauty of aristocratic patterns celebrated in the world of wallcovers once a part of ordinary life in a slower time.

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